CNBC Prime


CNBC recognized an opportunity to expand their brand into primetime with entertainment programming anchored around the network's core theme: money. This new brand needed to appeal to upwardly mobile men, feel premium without being elitist, and make a clear visual and tonal break from Business Day. We engineered the look, feel, motion and voice to create a premium, masculine brand with an edge. Stark black and white photography and simple, monospaced type create a marked contrast to the busy, colorful, data-driven daypart. In addition to the graphic toolkit, we shot live-action in the California desert and the Hollywood Hills to build a library of luxury and lifestyle footage. To round out the toolkit, we also curated a library of premium licensed photography.

Action_0014_Layer 3.jpg
Young_0002_Layer 7.jpg
Action_0006_Layer 11.jpg

Studio: Gretel
Executive Creative Director: Greg Hahn
Creative Director: Ryan Moore
Producer: Ryan McLaughlin
Design: Ryan Moore, Carl Burton, Dylan Mulvaney
Live Action: Tom Edwards
Animation: Carl Burton, Irene Park, AJ Kolb, Adam Grabowski
Typefaces: Decima Mono, Tungsten, Interstate