The Dolby Art Series
A Clockwork Orange


Dolby commissioned a group of commercial artists and designers to create work for a gallery exhibition and permanent display in their Seattle headquarters. Because Dolby has always pushed innovation in the service of art, the brief was to re-interpret the Dolby logo through that duality.

This piece was inspired by a fact that turned up in researching the company‘s history. The first film with Dolby sound was Stanley Kubrick’s “A Clockwork Orange,” released in 1971. This is an illustration of the sound from that film: every word of dialogue, every measure of music mapped over time. All 11,230 words spoken in the film are mapped onto a single line that represents the 137 minute running time of the picture. White space indicates spans of the film where there is no dialogue. The other side is populated by every measure, every note of music that would have been heard by someone sitting in the theater. The lines are bent into concentric arcs in the exact proportion of the mirrored 'D's in the Dolby logo.

Studio: Gretel
Creative Director: Ryan Moore
Design: Ryan Moore, Crosby Ignasher, Hannah Ahn
Typeface: Simplon Mono